Pivotal has over 150 highly experienced design/construction professionals
Our focus is based on client satisfaction together with, creating innovative and sustainable design solutions. This approach results in continued long-term client collaborations that form the cornerstone of the practice.
Pivotal has over 150 years of combined design/construction experience
We are committed to our core values of excellence, integrity, innovation, creativity, enjoyment and diversity. We achieve our goals through our dedication of retaining and developing talented and creative staff, which is the cornerstone of our practice successes.
Pivotal has completed projects in 32 countries around the world
Pivotal is a customer centred organisation that believes long-term customer relations are developed and maintained through an inclusive and personal approach.
Pivotal has completed projects for the World Bank and European Bank as well major multi- national Blue chip companies
We operate almost exclusively in the Pharmaceutical, Bio Medical, Healthcare, Residential, Mixed use, Commercial & Educational sectors and believe that we have an excellent understanding of the demands and needs of theses industry worldwide.


Celebrating 40 years of design & construction experiences globally, with completed projects covering multiple sectors.

International Experience

Completed projects successfully in more than 32 to countries around the world