Carron + Walsh

Partner: Carron + Walsh

Four companies represent Pivotal International, each bringing their own unique elements to the Pivotal team. Introducing our partner, Carron + Walsh.Carron + Walsh

Carron + Walsh

Underpinned by decades of experience, Carron + Walsh was founded in 2010 and in that time has established itself as a leading professional consultancy practice, managing the complex elements of capital projects.

The consultancy’s offices are located across Dublin, Waterford and London, and the firm’s reputation is based on its proven ability to anticipate, negotiate and successfully resolve problems.

Boasting a 90% repeat customer project-base, Carron + Walsh’s key service offerings include:

  • Quantity Surveying
  • Project Controls
  • Project Management

Through these key divisions they provide a multitude of services including cost management, risk management, project planning, change management and more.

Drawing together its global team of experts, the consultancy has to date worked on over 500 projects across 10 sectors and 10 countries.

They are currently contracted for the North Quays Strategic Development Zone in Waterford, Ireland (Ireland’s largest urban regeneration project), providing project management and quantity surveying services.

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Carron + Walsh provides clients with a wide range of pragmatic, expert-led services with close involvement from Directors and Associates through all project stages. Capable, reliable and experienced, their integrated approach brings together the right disciplines and resources to enable any client vision.

Carron + Walsh, with the three other partners, formed Pivotal International in 2011 with the shared goal of providing full-service economic development and design solutions to large-scale clients.

Pivotal International is a multi-disciplinary consultancy, focusing primarily, but not exclusively, on large design and construction projects. Our unique business objective is to provide single-point responsibility for the delivery and design of keynote projects throughout the world.

With 150 years of combined design and construction experience, Pivotal International is made up of four established, professional services companies; GARLAND ConsultancyFewer Harrington & PartnersCarron + Walsh, and Lawler Consulting.

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