AFEZ (Alat Free Economic Zone)

Alat, Azerbaijan
Master Planning, Civil & Structural Engineering, Economic Development
8,500,000 m2

This is a massive industrial development in Baku, Azerbaijan of approximately 8,500,000m2, designed to encourage trade in the area and foster an entrepreneurial mindset in future generations.

The ongoing development of Azerbaijan’s non-oil sector is crucial in ensuring future economic growth,  with a greater focus on economic diversification, innovation, increased quality of human development, protection of the environment and entry to the World Trade Organisation.

Although the government of Azerbaijan has already developed a number of industrial parks and zones, none of these zones have a clear export orientation, and the Alat Free Economic Zone (AFEZ) is designed to speak to this need for an export-focused industrial zone.

It is adjacent to the new Baku Port and is the focal point for the Government of Azerbaijan’s efforts to attract and grow export lead value-added and manufacturing activity. The AFEZ has unique, government-approved legislation which allows it to offer a range of incentives and advantages that aren’t currently available in any other location in Azerbaijan. This includes exemptions from taxes and customs duties, a one-stop-shop and self-regulated arbitration process.

To drive the development of this new Free Economic Zone, the government has established a new Alat Free Economic Zone Authority (AFEZA) – responsible for all aspects of promotion, client facilitation, approvals, licensing and client development.

GARLAND, a partner company within Pivotal International, successfully delivered the master plan for this project in February 2020, and the schematic design in June 2020 despite the COVID-19 restrictions.

Click here to view the AFEZ website.

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