Czosnow, Master Plan

Warsaw, Poland
Residential and Community Master planning
2,500,000 m2

The Master Plan is located approximately 20 km West of Warsaw City centre and is located alongside a major motorway connecting Warsaw to Gdansk. Our client’s vision is to convert 2.5 million square meters of agricultural land into a new vibrant suburb of Warsaw City. The Master Plan is designed to cater for over 50,000 people and to address many concerns such as the quality of the environment, the efficiency of the infrastructure network, the growth of employment and housing affordability in Warsaw. The development seeks to attract potential residents away from traffic-congested areas within City and to create desirable, affordable neighborhoods for residents to live, work and relax. The Master Plan proposes a range of amenities and facilities located within easy reach such as parks, playground, cultural & community facilities, shops, and schools. Connections by public bus and light railway system to downtown Warsaw are also expected. All of these items have been considered in the master plan to constitute a good neighborhood, which are the fundamental building blocks of a sustainable community.

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