Jeddah Exhibition Centre

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Exhibition & Conference
11,500 m2

The global exhibition hall industry has indicated that large exhibitions are in decline, while small to medium-size exhibitions are on the increase. The ‘confex’ also appears to be gaining in popularity as a format. Perhaps most importantly, content-rich shows that are as much about entertainment as exhibition, are delivering incredible results to organizers and exhibitors alike. The Exhibition Centre caters for a diverse mix of events such as corporate, trade and consumer projects incorporating exhibitions, conferences and live events. The Exhibition Centre has been designed to facilitate the latest market trends within the industry and provide a unique Exhibition and Conference facility. The Centre contains flexibility spaces to cater for a range of different events both large and small. The building is designed to facilitate a number of different events at the same time, while maintaining functional separation and security. The facility incorporates both passive and active sustainable design solutions to reduce the impact on the environment.

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