KACST Residential Complex

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
120,000 m² 400 Residential apartments

King Abdullah City of Science and Technology has commissioned Pivotal, SAK and KMD architects to design new residential complex for it professors, scientists and researchers. The site is located on KACST Central campus in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The total area of the site proposed for the new residential complex is approximately 160,000 sq.m. with a gross floor area of 120,000 sq.m. The project consists of 3 plots with the large plot of 122,000 sq.m. containing all of the residential apartments.

The Complex consists of 320three-bed apartments, Capital Mosque, local Mosque, supermarket and external recreational areas. Each apartment block varies in height from two and half stores to eight stories all centered around a large communal courtyard area. The design seeks to create a sense of place, which encourages residences and visitors to thrive in their individual and collective endeavours in a safe, comfortable environment.

The overall architectural appearance of the building is that of a modern residential complex with a variety of high quality, durable external and internal finishes which have been incorporated, so to reflect KACST vision to be a world-class science and technology organization that fosters innovation and promotes knowledge based society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.!

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Kevin Rudden