Medical Campus Master Plan

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Healthcare / Education
500,000 m2

KMD Architecture, in association with Pivotal International, worked on this project. Pivotal International prepared the Master Plan design proposal for a new academic medical centre in Jeddah. The academic medical centre includes the following proposed program elements:

  • Academic Campus
  • 5 Medical Colleges (1,000 students each)
  • Student Centre
  • Recreation Centre
  • Retail
  • Teaching Hospital (300 beds)
  • Ambulatory Clinic Building
  • Hotel with Conference Centre (& 200 rooms)
  • Research Building
  • Corporate and Medical Office Building

These program elements have been arranged on the site to create a place where students, faculty, doctors, researchers, medical staff, patients, students and visitors can thrive in their individual and collective endeavours. This is a teaching and healing community where each of its program elements contributes to an enhancement of the whole.

The principles of successful community design have been employed to achieve a rich and sustainable community experience. The new academic medical centre master plan design provides for an academic medical centre, visible to the surrounding community as a committment to improving the quality of healthcare and healthcare education in Jeddah.

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