Rayadah District Shops

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Retail & Office
20,000 m2

The development is situated north of the city of Jeddah and the main King Abdul Aziz International Airport. The entire plot measures approximately 2.5 million m² and is in Obhur Al Janoubia, just South of the Sharm Obhur Al Janoubia Creek and is directly north of the Madinah Highway, which runs parallel to the Corniche Road. The district shops are to cater primarily for residential components of the development. These shops and services will accommodate uses such as retail, service retail, café, restaurants and offices. These functions will strengthen the sense of community within each neighbourhood along with other local facilities. The design seeks to create a comfortable and secure environment while creating a sense of place for the surrounding community. This is achieved by creating smaller pedestrian friendly spaces where people can relax within, while also providing sufficient surface car parking nearby. The typical district shop unit is a two-story building with surface car parking. The ground floor consists of 6 small retail units with a central lobby to service the office space above on the first floor The overall architectural appearance of the building is that of a domestic feel and character. The finishes chosen, both external and internal, are high quality and durable in nature, so as to attract potential end users.

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