Sky Glow


SKYGLOW is a 200 meter-long helium filled airship that is solar powered and enveloped in a flexible OLED lighting membrane. SKYGLOW will be flown into major population centres on any continent and docked at these locations. Multiple smaller replicas of SKYGLOW, fitted with touch screen questionnaires, will form an interactive night park at its base. The public will be invited to answer these questionnaires on carbon related issues in our homes, transport choices, and recycling levels. In turn this information will feed into the lighting of the small SKYGLOWS. The colours range from red, where the results are poor, to blue, which shows a change for the better. Targets can be advised and the public can revisit the Night Park to recalculate their carbon footprint. All this information will then be fed into the main SKYGLOW, along with national grid energy consumption levels and air quality information

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