Sustainablility & Energy Services

Pivotal’s design approach is to promote and give precedence to, the implementation of sustainable solutions with minimum life cycle environmental impact.

Sustainability & Energy Services

We recognise that ongoing energy costs are a significant portion of any project and contribute up to 50% of the total cost of ownership of a building over a forty-year life.

Our focus on sustainability starts with the site selection, site orientation, and building façade development. We will bring the full weight and experience of our in-house Computer Simulation and Modelling Software to establish a precise computer model of the proposed developments at the earliest possible opportunity.

Computer modelling carried out in close association with architectural development will give secure predictions of the building performance. Issues which are evaluated in the modelling process include orientation, façade design, glazing selection, external shading, and passive. This process provides invaluable date allowing for the implementation of the most energy-efficient design solutions, both reducing costs and minimising environmental impact.

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